Compare The Best Gas Boiler Installation Companies In The UK

Looking for a new boiler installation company but unsure who to choose. Let us help by comparing the best boiler installers such as Boiler Central, Boxt, Warmzilla, Heatable, and British Gas, and their installation prices all in one place.

All our recommended gas boiler installation companies are rated excellent on Trustpilot. They all offer next-day installation using local installers, boiler finance, and long warranties on all their gas boilers.

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Best Boiler Installers - Compare The Best Gas Boiler Installation Companies In The UK

Looking for a new boiler installation company but unsure who to choose. Let us help by comparing the best boiler installers such as Boiler Central, Boxt, Warmzilla, Heatable, and British Gas, and their installation prices all in one place.

All our recommended gas boiler installation companies are rated excellent on Trustpilot. They offer next-day installation using local installers, boiler finance, and long warranties on all their gas boilers.

Compare the best gas boiler installation deals we could find & save money now.

Get a brand new boiler installed the next day in a matter of clicks. New gas boiler installation costs between £1,600 and £3,000 so there is a gas boiler for everyone. Get a replacement gas combi boiler installed the next day for no extra cost by a local heating engineer. 

Take a look at the latest combi boiler deals including installation now. All new gas boilers as installed by a local Gas Safe registered installer for your peace of mind, all you have to do is choose the best boiler for your home that’s within your budget.

viessmann vitodens 050-w combi boiler installation

Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 30kw combi boiler

Massive 12 years warranty!!

Brand New Viessmann & Hydrogen Ready Boiler!

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Worcester Bosch 4000 25kw combi boiler

From £1,925 with installation

Brand New & Replacing The Greenstar 25i Range!

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Worcester Bosch 4000 30kw combi boiler

Brand New & Replacing The Greenstar 30i Range!

The Latest Brand New Replacement Boilers Released in 2022 Ready For Installation

It’s not too often some of the best combi boilers get revamped, but when they do you can guarantee they will have improved drastically. Check out the latest replacement boilers including installation from the top manufacturers Viessmann & Worcester Bosch. These gas boilers are futureproofed with built-in Wifi for smart thermostat controls and hydrogen ready (H2 Ready) technologies. This means that they are capable of running with a mix of hydrogen and natural gas to help cut down on carbon emissions and utility bills. This means you could recover the boiler installation cost in a matter of 5 years with a new A-rated combi boiler.

viessmann vitodens new boiler

Viessmann Vitodens 050 25kw combi boiler

Massive 12 years warranty!!

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Worcester Bosch 2000 25kw combi boiler

From £1,689 with installation

ideal logic boilers installation

Ideal Logic C30 30kw combi boiler

The Best Combi Boiler Installation Deals

If you’re looking for the best boilers to install in your home in 2022 then take a quick look at these powerful gas boiler deals. These gas boilers are the pinnacle of the current boiler installation market. Installing one of these boilers is almost like making a statement – you want the best! See the below deals on what we believe is the best boiler on the market. No surprises here, it’s the Worcester Bosch 8000! Get a fixed next-day installation quote from one of our trusted installers on boilers suited to your home.

worcester compact boiler installation

Worcester Bosch Compact 36kw CDi

From £2,469 with installation

worcester bosch 80000 boiler installation

Worcester Bosch 8000 30kw

Massive 12 years warranty again!!

worcester 8000 installation

Worcester Bosch 8000 35kw

From £2,540 with installation

New boilers fitted from £1,489 includes full installation by a Gas Safe engineer

Looking for a quick fix boiler, for as little as possible? Do you still want to get value for your money? Of course you do. Then check out these fantastic boilers including fitting by a qualified gas engineer. These fantastic new boilers fitted are perfect for anyone wanting an excellent boiler for less. All boilers come with great warranties for your peace of mind.

Vokera Excel 29

From £1,489 with installation

vokera boiler installation costs

Vokera EasiHeat 25 C

Alpha E-Tec 28

From £1,595 with installation

Unsure which you need? Choose which sort of gas boiler installation you require here

If you are unsure which replacement boiler you require, take a quick look at our gas boiler installation pages. Each page recommends the best boilers for each scenario and how much it will cost for that amount of work. Some situations have higher labour costs than others, hence the higher install prices. Simply choose which boiler installation scenario fits your situation the best.

Best gas system boiler installation offers UK

Many homes in the UK have a system boiler. Gas system boilers are boilers with a hot water tank. These are suited better to larger homes or homes with high hot water demand. This is because they are better at providing hot water to 2 or more bathrooms at once with good water pressure. Gas system boiler installation doesn’t include a hot water tank, which is fine if you already have one. Your new system boiler can work with any hot water cylinder you already have, and the Gas Safe registered heating engineer will be able to do this. If you have a system boiler but want to remove your hot water tank, you can convert it to a combi boiler, but only if you think it will be able to manage your hot water demands.

Choose the best gas boilers to install by manufacturer

Choose from some of the best gas boilers to install in the UK right now from some of the best new boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Vaillant & more. We have some of the best-selling gas combi boilers including installation right now such as the new Worcester Bosch 4000 combi boiler, the brand new Viessmann Vitodens 050-w combi boiler, and one of the best combi boilers for kitchen cupboards, the Ideal Logic C30 combi boiler. You can choose all of these and compare some of the best gas boiler installation prices right now online. Simply click on the boiler brand you choose to take a look at now.

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Search our Best Boiler Installer Directory

Search for the top 10 boiler installers in your local area now. We have cherry-picked the top 10 best boiler installers in your area from all the top tradesmen websites such as Checkatrade, Yell, Trust a Trader, and more. We have only chosen the top-rated installers so there’s no second-guessing. Search our local directory now for all the main cities including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Wakefield, Cardiff, and more. 

Best Gas Boiler Installers – Why should you use our recommended installers?

Fixed Online Boiler Installation Prices

Honest answers mean an honest price. The price you get online will be the price you pay. End of.

Next-Day Boiler Installation

Get your brand new boiler installed the next day by a local installer. It really can be that quick, just choose your preferred install date with one of our partners.

10 Years Boiler Warranty

Choose from boilers with up to 10 years warranty for your peace of mind. No more unexpected costs at bad times!

Top Boiler Installation Customer Service

All our recommended companies are rated excellent or above for customer service. They are all Gas Safe registered too.

Best boiler installers reviews – Which company to choose?

Boiler Central Review – The top-rated & best installers

Boiler Central are at the top of our list when it comes to new boiler installation. They offer everything you need in terms of a new boiler. You get a brand new replacement boiler, full installation, and exclusive 12-year warranties that none of the others can. Rated excellent on TrustPilot and with offers running all year round, Boiler Central is our best installation company. Get a quote now in under 20 seconds with boiler central by clicking get a quote now.

Warmzilla review – The latest online installation company

Bas in Cardiff, Warmzilla is a great new online boiler installation company that offers all the top boilers from the best manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal & more. If you are looking for a boiler installing the next day but Boiler Central doesn’t have the availability, the Warmzilla is our next best option. Warmzilla is rated excellent on Trustpilot also.

Choose from the Best Boiler Deals on the internet for the lowest prices

You’ve probably heard of them, you’ve probably seen their adverts on the TV or your social media accounts. But did you know you can check their prices out quickly and easily right here on some of the best boilers on the market? We can tell you that they are the best but they have the reviews on their site and are installing boilers all over the country all day, every day. Why not join in the online boiler buying revolution. It really does work for you!

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Compare the Best Boilers & Save £££’s With Our Local Recommended Boiler Installers

A-rated boilers that can cut your bills!

Low-cost next-day installation if required!

peace of mind with up to 10 years guarantee!

Small Budget? Click the button for the cheapest!

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Worcester Bosch – The Best Boiler To Install?

From years of TV marketing from British Gas, some people think that there is only one boiler manufacturer, Worcester Bosch. To be fair this wouldn’t be a bad thing as their boilers are exceptionally good.

British Gas Boiler Installation

Many people will like the thought of using a large company like British Gas to install their boiler and trust that they are getting a good price. But a British Gas new boiler cost over £1,000 more than your local installer. By choosing our recommended best boiler installers, you can be sure you are getting a super competitive price with no hidden costs.

Viessmann – Get A Beautiful German Engineered Boiler Installed In Your Home

Probably the only boiler manufacturer to rival Worcester. Outstanding engineering and reliability, which is backed up by their superb boiler warranties. If you want a lower-priced boiler without compromise, choose a Viessmann.

The other boiler manufacturers?

There are cheap boilers out there. There’s the Alpha E-tec, the Vokera Easiheat and the Heatline Capriz. All which feature on our site. These are great budget boilers. It’s like buying a new car, you get what you pay for…

Can’t afford brand new boiler installation? You can pay monthly with no deposit!

£0 Deposit Boiler Installation Finance

You really do not pay for anything. If you need a boiler today but don’t have the money right away, you can spread the cost by paying small manageable amounts every month.

0% Interest Boiler Installation Finance

You can still pay no deposit. 0% interest usually only covers 2 years, but you don’t pay a penny more than what your boiler costs if you pay upfront. Payments are usually higher but you’re not paying more than you should!

Low %Apr Boiler Finance

If you have no deposit but you don’t have much wiggle room for large monthly payments, you can spread your payments over 5, 7, or 10 years! this will really lower the payments but it’s a long time to be paying for a boiler on finance

Want the best new boiler installation but just out of reach?

If you have a deposit, say £500 but want a better boiler, then you can split the cost. Having a deposit will seriously help and keep monthly payments low. you can pay under £10 every month if you do have a deposit!

Start saving by installing an A rated boiler in your home tomorrow.

Whether you’re installing a Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Baxi or any other boiler. Always ensure that your new boiler is A-rated or above. This means that the boiler is at least 90% efficient with its fuel. All boilers should be A-rated. Some are better than others, hence why we have given you so many boilers to choose from. The boiler installers on this site all provide A-rated boilers from the best companies. We’ve even ensure that we have provided you with some fantastic budget boilers, whilst they are a bit cheaper, they are still very economical to keep your gas bills down.

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Which type of new boiler is best for me to install?

What type of new boiler you should install is usually decided by the type of boiler you currently have. If you have a combi boiler, it is highly likely you will just want to replace it with a new combi boiler. This is cost-effective, efficient and the most common type of boiler installation in the UK. If you have a system boiler, a boiler with a hot water tank, then you have a few options. You can either keep your system boiler and replace it with another system boiler, or you could get rid of your hot water tank and convert your system boiler to a combi boiler. A simple system boiler to system boiler swap is the easiest option, but changing to a combi boiler could save you money in the long term. It all depends on the hot water demand in your home. The same applies if you have a regular boiler that has a hot water, and a cold water tank. You can keep your regular boiler or you could convert to a combi boiler at an extra cost to you.

Who are the best boiler installation companies?

The boiler installation companies featured on this site are who we recommend due to the outstanding reviews received by them by their previous customers. All the boiler installation companies, Boiler Central, Heatable, Warmzilla & Boxt have countless 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, Google, Facebook, and more. These reviews aren’t there by accident and the new generation of buying a boiler online and booking and an installation date is widely regarded as the way everything is going to go. If you don’t believe us check each company out and see for yourself.

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How To Keep Boiler Installation Costs Down

usually, when people replace their boiler and get a new boiler installed it is because their old boiler has broken down and can’t be fixed. In most cases, people will just choose another boiler of the same type and swap it for another boiler. For example, if you have a combi boiler and are happy to just replace your combi boiler and keep it in the same place, this will be the best option. If for some reason you need to move your boiler or change the type of boiler, this will incur some greater costs. To keep boiler installation costs down you should always try and keep any extra work to a minimum if you can help it.

Can I Choose To Have My New Boiler Installed In A Different Location?

Yes of course you can choose to have your new boiler installation wherever you like. You will just have to pay for this extra work. The cost of moving your new boiler will depend on how far away from your current boiler it will be. This will be due to the extra work involved and any extra materials. For example, if you want to move your boiler from your kitchen to the utility room, it will be a lot less than if you want to move it to a room at the other side of the house. You can move any boiler you like, whether you have a combi boiler, system boiler or regular boiler, you can choose to have the new boiler installed in any room you like as long as it will fit.

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How To Compare Boilers & Get The Best Boiler For Your Home

When you compare boilers you need to make sure that the ones you are comparing boilers that are similar and suited to your home and within your budget. There is no point in comparing a Vokera EasiHeat against a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000. One will cost around £1,600 and the other which is one of the best hydrogen boilers around £2,300. Once you have set a budget, found out what output you need (kW) & know what type of boiler you need (combi, system, or regular) then you can start comparing. Generally, boilers in the same price range will be of similar quality, reliability & performance, as long as the output (kW) is around the same. If you are unsure, you can always speak to someone at one of our recommended installers who will have boiler experts at hand to guide you.

Local Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installers for your peace of mind

Gas Safe registered heating engineers should be the only people who install a boiler in your home. This is due to the fact that they have to be suitably qualified to ensure safe and legal work is carried out. Gas Safe registered engineers have to prove to the regulatory body that they are capable of completing any work to industry standards. This also means that they and you are insured for any problems that may arise. You can ask for a Gas Safe certificate from any installer and they must provide you with this. They will also be on the register. All our recommended installers only use Gas Safe registered engineers.

gas safe registered engineers

Recommended Boiler Installation Prices Guide

*Prices correct as of September 2021 for a direct combi boiler like for like replacement, remaining in the same place. Prices subject to seasonal change and any offers available.