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British Gas or Homeserve – which is better & other options

If you’re looking for a company to look after your boiler and central heating in time of need, then it’s highly likely you will have come across British Gas HomeCare and Homeserve.

This is because they are by far the two largest companies offering most of the services you need. But are they any good, which is the best boiler cover, and are they worth it?

We’ll also look at some of the better alternatives too, as these companies aren’t your only option!

This article compares the two companies and will help you choose which boiler breakdown cover is best for you.

British Gas HomeCare Vs Homeserve Boiler Cover

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British Gas is a home assistant company that offers a wide range services, including boilers, for its customers.

There are four service packages available with British Gas Homecare. The first package includes annual boiler service and repairs to your boiler and controls. The fourth package, which is the most expensive, includes both central heating, plumbing, and home electrics.

Customers can also choose to pay one lump sum each year in addition to the monthly payments. Paying annually can help you save some money. You can also opt to pay an excess £60 and reduce your monthly or annual payments.

You can opt to not pay for an annual boiler repair or monthly cover. Instead, you can purchase a £99 excess to get either £2.50 per month for boiler repairs or £5.50 for central heating system repairs.

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How much is a boiler repair?

Most boiler repairs are completed within 24 hours after you submit a claim. However, delays can occur because British Gas prioritizes vulnerable customers like the elderly and families with young children. You have access to a 24-hour customer service line, unlimited calls and a 14 day cooling-off period for cancellations.

Although they offer many options for customers, many British Gas customers are unhappy with the services they received. A trusted customer review site has given British Gas a negative rating of nearly 50%. People have complained about incompetent heating technicians, inability to fix problems, long waiting times for customer service representatives, and payment difficulties.

British Gas is a company that offers a hassle-free, affordable service. This may have been true for some. However, the majority of people have experienced the opposite, which can lead to a questionable reputation for large companies.

British Gas HomeCare Boiler Cover Pros & Cons


  • There are many options available depending on whether you need monthly boiler cover or additional services. British Gas also offers services that can be used after your boiler has broken down.
  • You can choose from a variety of packages that include many or fewer services, all at an affordable price.
  • An annual payment option that reduces the cost of services.
  • Annual boiler checkup available.
  • Repair and services available 24/7 (although customers with vulnerable needs are prioritized).
  • Unlimitable claims
  • British Gas offers discounts on boiler replacements of high quality.


  • Poor customer service has led to nearly half of the negative reviews on trusted customer review sites.
  • The renewal price will rise after the first year, but the price will be customized to your details.
  • This does not include cover for scale and sludge in boilers, even if heating engineer acknowledges that it could cause future damage.
  • Trusted review sites have reported that British Gas repairs are more costly than local boiler repair businesses and other boiler repair firms.

HomeServe Vs British Gas HomeCare Review

HomeServe has a similar reach to British Gas in the UK. Five service packages are offered by HomeServe. They include basic boiler cover, protection over boilers and gas supply pipes, water supply pipes, plumbing, drainage, electricals, security, roofing, pest infestations, and gas central heating. HomeServe’s most expensive package, which includes all of these services, costs only £0.50 less than British Gas’ highest priced package (which offers far fewer services).

HomeServe packages may include the option to pay an excess £0, £60, or £100. Other packages only have the option of paying a £0 or £60. All packages include free boiler service, however the first and fifth packages only get free service for the first year. HomeServe provides a 24-hour UK helpline as well as a 12-month guarantee for most repairs. Cover limits include parts and labor. HomeServe offers a discounted price for boilers that fail frequently.

HomeServe will replace your boiler if it isn’t possible to repair it. They’ll install your boiler for free if it’s less than seven years old. An annual boiler inspection is available. HomeServe provides tutorials that will help you fix most DIY projects. HomeServe will service your home even if you are not a customer.

HomeServe engineers will inspect your boiler and determine if it is safe to repair or replace. As long as your gas boiler is not beyond repair, you can file as many claims as necessary. Homeserve’s overall customer satisfaction ratings are high on trusted review sites. This indicates that engineers are efficient and competent, that all services are performed properly, and that customer service staff is efficient.

HomeServe Boiler Cover: Pros and Cons


  • Five packages that offer a wide range of services.
  • All packages are affordable for the majority of people.
  • Hotline for UK assistance available 24 hours a day
  • Annual boiler repair option.
  • Trusted customer rating sites reflect high-quality, “great” service.
  • Different packages offer different options for excess payments.
  • HomeServe offers a lower price for a high-quality, efficient boiler.
  • Cover costs include parts and labour.
  • There are options for one-off repairs.
  • There are many options that are cheaper than British Gas Services.
  • Even if you don’t have HomeServe cover, you can still get boiler repairs covered in the event of a breakdown.


  • There is no annual payment option.
  • After the first year, prices increase.
  • HomeServe is available for flats and houses, but there are more options for houses. There are no options for businesses and other types of property.

British Gas vs Homeserve Prices

British gas homecare prices

HomeCare boiler coverMonthly costExcessService Included
HomeCare One£17£60Free Service
HomeCare Two£18.50£60Free Service
HomeCare Three£23£60Free Service
HomeCare Four£26£60Free Service

Homeserve boiler cover prices

Cover TypeMonthly costExcessService Included
Gas Boiiler£8£100Free Service
Gas Boiler & Central heating£13.50£60Free Service
Central heting & Plumbing£14.50£60Free Service
Central Heating,Plumbing & Electrics£16£60Free Service
Central Heating, Plumbing & Electrics Plus£18£60Free Service

How to choose between British Gas and Homeserve

Understanding Your Boiler

There are three types of boilers: heat-only, combi and system. Only system boilers provide heat, not hot water. Heat-only boilers, as the name implies, provide heat only. A combi boiler can provide both heat and hotwater. You won’t be able to diagnose problems if your boiler breaks down unless you know which type it is.

Know the age of your boiler in addition to its type. Companies may not be willing to work with a boiler that is older than 7-15years old, although the range can vary. The heating engineer may not be able to understand the boiler’s systems or if it is no longer in production. You might not be able get boiler cover if your boiler is an older model.

Reasons for purchasing boiler cover

First, make sure you have one of the main boiler systems. The boiler cover might not be applicable if you have another type of heating system. You should also ensure that you are responsible for your boiler. Most renters aren’t.

Finally, make sure that you do not have any other cover for your boiler.

How boiler cover works

Boiler cover will cover repairs to your boiler as well as the cost of an engineer to repair it and any spare parts.

You may have to adhere to certain limitations, such as the time you spend on repairs, the number of claims that you can make within a year, and/or the maximum cost for each repair. You may also have to make your first claim within the specified time after you purchase boiler insurance.

A heating engineer may declare a boiler uneconomically repairable. This could make it impossible to obtain cover. A boiler company’s heating engineer might offer a replacement boiler for a lower price or cash payment to be used towards purchasing a new boiler.

You should familiarize yourself with the policy of the boiler company before you purchase.

Are You in Need of Boiler Cover?

Renters don’t need boiler insurance. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure the boiler works. Boiler insurance is more common for homeowners, though they should verify if boiler cover is included in any other insurance they have such as buildings or contents.

Boiler cover is not required if the boiler is still under warranty. Most boiler companies offer free repairs or replacements for boiler breakdowns.

A warranty is a form of boiler cover. If your boiler fails and is not under warranty, you can still get boiler insurance. Although there are many tutorials and guides online, DIY boiler repairs can be costly and could cause more damage than good.

Boiler cover is required for those who own older boilers and don’t have insurance. They also need to be covered if they are unable to repair their boiler on their own. Boilers can be as expensive to install as £1,500 to £3,500, and a British Gas new boiler cost even more, so it is important not to risk such an important part of your home.

What to look out for when buying boiler covers

Many boiler companies like British Gas or HomeServe will provide basic boiler cover that also includes additional protections at a higher price.

Homeowners can get not only boiler cover and annual checkups, but also plumbing and drain cover. Although it is more costly monthly, a larger boiler package will prevent you from outsourcing various home services such as pest control and plumbing to other companies, potentially costing more.

Check with your boiler company to see if there are any restrictions on when you can file a claim. To ensure that customers don’t sign up for boiler cover the day after their boiler stops working, some companies prohibit claims for the first 30 days.

You may not be able to repair your boiler, and could go without hot water or heat for almost a month. You’ll need to pay more for similar services from other companies that offer boiler repairs, even if they aren’t customers.

Different Boiler Cover Payouts

Many boiler companies offer annual or monthly payments. It is generally cheaper to have annual cover, but each company has different pricing strategies.

You will have options about the type of excess that you would pay in case of a boiler failure. There are three options: £0, £60, and £100. Higher excess equals lower monthly payments. A package with more perks such as plumbing, drains, and electrics will be more expensive monthly.

Conclusion of the Boiler Cover Review

HomeServe wins over British Gas, which offers roughly the same services as HomeServe. HomeServe has a slightly lower monthly cost and offers more services. However, HomeServe is better in quality and quantity. Trusted customer review sites give HomeServe a higher rating, which suggests that HomeServe lives up to the high praise it receives despite being praised by both companies.

HomeServe provides high-quality boiler care at a price £5 less than British Gas. Although you won’t be able to pay an annual fee, the basic boiler cover will cover you for as long as you use HomeServe. HomeServe’s heating engineers are courteous, competent, and polite to customers. This has led to very low company ratings online.

HomeServe can help you maintain your home at a lower cost than British Gas. This is the best option for anyone looking for boiler cover of high quality.