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Looking for more boiler installation leads? Let us help with our boiler installer directory. Simply contact us if you are interested in being part of the only dedicated boiler installer directoty. We do charge £12 per year but we do not charge anything else. No charges for leads, contact or installations, ever. 

New boiler installation leads

We only deal with boiler installers, and all our ranking search terms for our home page is for boiler installers so we know that our users are looking for new boiler installation. This will improve our lead quality to you.

Email all boiler lead business requests to:

free boiler leads

Benefits of new boiler leads from us

  • They are free – we do not track anything past customers arriving on our site.
  • Our customer intent is solely for boiler installation
  • Backlink to your site to increase your own site’s visibility
  • No hidden costs. Pay only once a year.
  • We are constantly working to increase visibility.
  • Send us anything you think will help increase contact with your business for your advert

Sign up for boiler leads

If you want to be part of our directory you can sign up here.

Email all boiler lead business requests to:

free boiler leads

Choose where you feature in our boiler lead directory

We all know the top spot of Google is the best and gets the most traffic, and that gradually decreases the further you go down the results page, so we have priced our plans accordingly. Yake a look below at your options and how much you can or want to pay to feature wherever you like. Once the positions are gone they’re gone. We do put ‘date added’ for our customers and others business alike so keep track if you want a certain position.

Gas Safe registered engineer leads

We only want Gas Safe registered boiler installers. Once we have done our due diligence, we may ask for your Gas Safe registration details. If you have any other accreditations then let us know and we can put them in your featured listing.