New boiler Liverpool – Combi boiler installation & prices

Are you looking for a new boiler replacement in Liverpool? 

Do you want to find out the cost of a new boiler in Liverpool?

The following guide will examine the prices for boiler fitting in Liverpool, including the highest and lowest prices in the region, based on various types of installations.

We’ll be looking at the average cost to install a new boiler for Liverpool in 2022. Also, we’ll discuss ways you can reduce your expenses.

The average cost to have a new boiler installed in Liverpool is £2,560, which is slightly less than the UK average. In terms of boiler installation costs, Liverpool is roughly in line with the rest of the country.

It can be quite expensive to have a boiler installed or replaced. There are some great deals in Liverpool, however.

Boiler Installation Liverpool Costs

What would you pay to have a boiler installed in Liverpool? This will depend on the boiler installation you want and other factors.

This will depend on many factors, including:

  • You can choose whether you need a system, regular, or combi boiler.
  • The type of fuel used by the boiler (i.e. electric, oil, or gas).
  • It does not matter if the replacement boiler will be installed in a new location.
  • You can find a replacement for your boiler or a new type of boiler.
  • The brand/model’s quality.
  • Additional purchases, such as smart thermostats.

So, as you see, boiler installation prices differ a great deal. Here’s the good news. To get an idea of how much you will spend, use one of our recommended installers boiler quotation tools. You can get a quote in just 20 seconds!

Average Installation Costs for Liverpool Boilers

Prices for installation of Liverpool Combi Boiler (average £2,350)

Liverpool’s average daily cost for hiring a heating engineer is £300

Liverpool PostcodeAverage Price
Most ExpensiveL2£2,690
The cheapestL18£2,250

Average £2,605 for Liverpool Regular & System Boiler prices

Liverpool PostcodeAverage Price
Most ExpensiveL2£2,940
The cheapestL18£2,500

Conversion prices for Liverpool Boilers (Average £2,715)

Liverpool PostcodeAverage Price
Most ExpensiveL2£3,050
The cheapestL18£2,610

What do we charge?

We offer fixed prices regardless of where you are located in the UK, unlike other Liverpool boiler fitters. For a new boiler, place an order through our recommended installers today.

Here’s a breakdown of our base costs for various boiler installation options:

Installation TypeCost
Combi Boiler Repair£1,660
System/Regular Boiler Conversion£2,340
Conversion of a Back Boiler£2,690

However, that’s just one. We also offer financing options. These plans allow you spread the cost of a boiler installation over a longer time frame. We also offer zero-interest plans.

You want to learn everything you can about combi boilers. Our What is a Combi Boiler Guide will help you.

Are you curious about which boiler brands are best avoided in terms of performance? Take a look at our report on the worst boilers in the UK.

Which Boiler Brands Are Available in Liverpool?

Our recommended installation companies offer boilers from many award-winning brands. We offer boilers that are affordable for all budgets.

These are the models we offer from different boiler companies:

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester Bosch is one of the most well-known boiler brands originating from the UK. Trust Pilot has given the company a rating of 4.8 stars. We consider them to be the fourth-best brand in the market.

Worcester Bosch also offers a wide range of warranties and top-of the-market customer service/aftercare. Their parts are easy to source. The British boiler company has been awarded a Which? The British boiler giant has been awarded a Which?

Alpha Boilers

Looking for a brand that is more affordable? Alpha is the best choice. Although their boilers are affordable, their designs are high-quality.

Alpha is ranked number 2 on our top ten boiler brands. Alpha also received a Trust Pilot rating of 4.6 stars, demonstrating its customer appreciation. You can buy one of Alpha’s boilers via our best boiler installation companies. You can also get a 10-year warranty with such a purchase!

Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann is a well-respected boiler manufacturer on the continent, showcasing German engineering and excellence. Although they are still relatively new to the UK their high-quality, modern boilers have made a significant impact. We consider Viessmann the best boiler brand currently on the UK marketplace.

Viessmann, a well-known German brand, is relatively new to the UK but has been a major player in the continent for decades. Viessmann is rated 4.4 stars on Trust Pilot, and has recently been awarded the Which? Best Buy Award. Viessmann has been awarded the Best Buy Award.

How long does a new boiler installation take in Liverpool?

Our top-rated companies aim to install your boiler within twenty-four hours if you book a boiler installation before 4pm.

What about the time frames for installing the boiler?

It will all depend on many factors, such as:

  • Type and size of the boiler to be installed.
  • Type and size of the replacement boiler.
  • You can move the boiler.
  • No matter if you plan to replace the boiler system.
  • Accessibility.
  • The state of the work area.
  • The complexity of the pipes.

Here’s an idea of how long it might take to complete the task:

Installation TypeTime
Boiler replacement1 Day
Boiler RelocationWithin 1-2 Days
Convert Regular to Combi Boiler2 days
Conversion of BBU to Combi Boiler2 days

After you have received a quote, we can give you an idea of the duration of the job.

In an emergency where your boiler has failed and you don’t have hot water, you should get a quick quote now!

Do I need a new boiler?

In certain situations, it might make sense to have a new boiler installed.

These are just a few examples of situations where it might be applicable:

  • Your boiler is older than 10 years.
  • It often breaks down.
  • The boiler is now completely blown.

Boilers typically last between 10 and 15 years. Boilers lose efficiency over time. This will lead to higher running costs.

If you have an older non-condensing boiler, you could be losing money. Modern boilers with A ratings are not only more economical to operate, but also more environmentally friendly.

A boiler that is more than 10 years old would be considered G-rated. This rating indicates that boilers have approximately 70% efficiency.

For every £1 spent on a G-rated boiler, 30p is lost (i.e. 30%). Modern A-rated boilers are energy efficient at 90% or higher.

What does it mean when a boiler is beyond economic repair (BER)

Boilers with BER can be classified as having one or more of the following problems:

  • More likely to fail
  • You may lose your guarantee and have to pay for repairs
  • You would have to pay for the new parts on a regular basis if you don’t have a warranty.
  • You need to fix or replace components like your PCB and heat exchanger

These components can be costly to replace. You can see how replacing the boiler with a modern one can help you save money in the long-term. A replacement boiler will have lower operating costs.

Boiler Installation in Liverpool: Final Take…

The average price of a Liverpool home is about the same as the national average. Before making a decision, we recommend shopping around for quotes from several installers.

Asking family and friends for suggestions is a great idea. If possible, you can also look at online reviews and ratings of boiler installers. You can get a feel for their customer feedback.

All the best! This is what you have.

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