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Review of British Gas Homecare – Is it worth the money?

There is enough stress in life without having to worry about your boiler breaking down or having to pay for a brand new boiler. To help with this there are ways to protect yourself from large repair bills all year round and one of those is British Gas HomeCare cover. If your looking for a free service on top, then check out some of the home care plans that they have one offer to ensure you are covered all year round.

This detailed British Gas Homecare review will cover everything, including pricing details and online reviews as well as package details.

There are 4 different options to choose from with HomeCare and we look into each one to see which is the best. Boiler cover isn’t for everyone but if it means you can get on with your life with less worry, then it may just be for you.

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HomeCare options available from British Gas

British Gas HomeCare cover can be a great option for homeowners looking for other options. A boiler service can be scheduled each year as part of each plan meaning no large bill every 12 months.

This includes a boiler inspection by a British Gas engineer who is a fully qualified technician who will inspect your boiler to make sure it is ready for next year.

Breakdown cover covers the cost of repairs only if your boiler breaks down. You can choose to have both the boiler and controls or to pre-pay for repairs to your central heating, boiler controls, and central heating systems for as low as £2.50 per month.

Compared to the actual repair bill you could end up with this is very reasonable if you can get an engineer visit when you ask for it.

Why should you choose to become a British Gas homecare customer?

Repairs to a boiler can be expensive. British Gas Homecare Boiler Cover covers you for breakdowns and repairs. You may be covered for plumbing or heating problems, depending on which package you choose. If you are extremely worried though, it may be a better and cheaper option to see how much a new boiler cost.

British Gas provides heating and boiler cover to UK residents. They can reduce your heating bills, help with drain repair and plumbing, and arrange home insurance. British Gas is the UK’s largest domestic energy provider. British Gas is also a leader in the boiler cover market. Its competitors Worcester Bosch and Homeserve offer excellent heating repairs and boiler cover.

Boiler cover should only be purchased if your boiler is at risk. If you cannot repair your boiler yourself, or if the boiler manufacturer has a warranty on it, boiler cover is a good option.

Pros of HomeCare

  • There are many British Gas HomeCare options to choose from depending on your pay monthly cover requirements.
  • British Gas also offers repair services if you don’t wish to pay for British Gas services.
  • A trusted brand offers prompt and friendly customer service.
  • To increase the boiler’s longevity, you can have an annual boiler inspection and repair service.
  • This plan is also available to homeowners and businesses.

Cons of HomeCare

  • After the first year, the annual cost will increase. This is where you need to enusre that you compare boiler cover annually.
  • British Gas engineers have been accused of poor workmanship and customer service.
  • Customers complain about the high price of services compared to other home-assistant firms – get a cheaper quote here
  • British Gas does use sub-contractors, as with other companies like it, it sometimes can allow standards to slip.

How much is a one-off repair from British Gas instead?

In just a few steps, you can get a quote from a local skilled tradesperson. We need to know what you want done, so we can pick a time slot that works for you. A local hero will then confirm your quote. British Gas backs it with a 12-month guarantee.

Your boiler can be repaired by your local heroes. Enter your details on the Local Heroes website and a Gas Safe tradesperson will contact you. You can accept or cancel the offer at no cost. Once your job is done, you can pay online through Local Heroes to unlock your 12-month guarantee, which is backed by British Gas.

What’s included?

  • All work done by Gas Safe tradespersons
  • Get a free quote that includes parts and labor
  • Cancel or accept a quote for no cost
  • British Gas offers a 12-month guarantee

What is not included?

  • Annual boiler service
  • Unlimited engineers call outs
  • British Gas Engineer

If you don’t want to pay for one-off repairs, then here are the following price plans:

British Gas Homecare Packages

British Gas offers four packages

  • Homecare One
  • Homecare Two
  • Homecare Three
  • Homecare Four

All British Gas HomeCare products include an annual boiler service for no additional charge. Depending on where you live, and the charges of your service engineer, you can expect to pay between £80-£120.

All packages include cover for controls and boilers. Your boiler or thermostat will be fixed for free if it breaks down.

The most basic Homecare One package does not include the central heating cover. This is particularly important if your heating system uses a cylinder.

British Gas reviews of services

As with any product or service, customers love to write reviews about companies. Trust Pilot has over 94,000 reviews for British gas. The average rating for gas boiler services and repair is 3.1 stars.

Annual Best British Gas Homecare Cover

HomeCare Two is the best option overall – it includes:

An annual boiler service is included in the cost of your homecare.

Boiler and controls cover

Heating cover

In the event that you have to cancel, there is a 14-day cooling off period

Unlimited calls and 247 service

British Gas HomeCare Cover Prices

These are the British Gas HomeCare options. Prices can vary depending on the amount you pay £60 and whether you request a monthly service. As you can see, extra services such as drains or pipes are more costly. However, you don’t need to pay extra for them if they’re not needed.

HomeCare coverMonthly costExcessService Included
HomeCare One£17£60Free Service
HomeCare Two£18.50£60Free Service
HomeCare Three£23£60Free Service
HomeCare Four£26£60Free Service

Do I need to pay an excess with home care?

No, all services can be customized to meet your specific needs. The £60 excess can be used to reduce costs and you can pay annually for cover. however, if you don’t mind paying the higher monthly charges then you don’t have to pay any excess, but you won’t get this back if you don’t claim.
Here’s an example:

The monthly payment can be reduced by the voluntary excess of £60, from £26 to £17

£204’s upfront payment is less than the monthly total if you add up all the payments together of £312

How much is a British Gas service?

British Gas British Gas provides a boiler service starting at around £85.

You can also sign up for one of four HomeCare packages that include an annual service.

After a contract is signed and you have received a quote, your British gas boiler service will include: Cleaning your boiler of corrosion and leaks. Removing its boiler casing to verify its main components are functioning. Putting it back on and making sure it’s sealed properly. Conducting a flue test to ensure there are no dangerous emissions from your boiler. Both services do not cover the repair of your gas boiler.

Get a free service with one of these HomeCare packages

British Gas HomeCare One

You will pay £204 annually. This includes your annual boiler service and future repairs in the event of a boiler failure. This does not include the gas central heating system.

British Gas HomeCare Two

British Gas HomeCare 2 offers the same benefits and cover as the One. It also includes central heating breakdown cover, boiler repairs, and central heating breakdown cover. This annual service costs £222 per annum.

British Gas HomeCare Three

British Gas HomeCare Three options include the same benefits as Two, but also plumbing and drain cover. This annual service costs £276 per annum.

British Gas HomeCare Four

British Gas HomeCare 4 is the same as Three but includes repairs by an engineer to electrical wiring and fuse boards inside and outside. This annual service costs £312 per annum.

Best option? – British Gas Homecare Two

Let’s suppose that Homecare Three and Four are no longer required due to increased heating repair costs. Homecare One will be discarded because it doesn’t include heating cover.

Homecare Two is our last option. We believe it to be the best and most cost-effective.
Any excess would be used. It is quite small being £60, but it makes a significant difference in overall cost.
Homecare Two now costs less at £18.50 per monthly than it used to be. This reduces the total cost and makes British Gas Homecare worth £222 per year.

Boiler cover: Why bother?

This one is for you to try. Your hot water suddenly stops functioning because it is winter in the UK. Your heating stops working as well.

Broken heating systems can make your home unsafe and uncomfortable. If you or your family are caught in the grips of winter, will you regret not having boiler insurance or home heating?

British Gas HomeCare is available to assist you.

Before you buy boiler cover, what should you look at?

Many people take their boiler and heating for granted. If you have not been charged a bill, or looked at your home plans, you might not be aware of boiler cover. Boiler cover is optional but can help to add to your peace of mind for a small fee.

Understanding the importance of boiler cover

First, understand the importance of boiler cover. While it is not necessary if everything works as it should, it will be vital if anything goes wrong. It is not a good idea to have a broken boiler during winter. You can quickly contact someone to fix a boiler, or replace any controls, to get it working again.
Boiler cover is a necessity for many people.

Do you definitely need HomeCare?

Even though your boiler is unlikely not to fail, even if you’re a skilled DIY expert or professional gas engineer, having a backup plan can provide you with peace of mind. British Gas HomeCare offers many services and cover. We’ll talk about those later.

Know Your Boiler and central heating system

First, determine what kind of boiler you have. There are three types: Combi boiler, system boiler, and regular boilers. Combi boilers combine heating and hot water in one unit. System boilers use a hot water cylinder which you would need to check is covered for minor repair..

They can also be equipped with a pump or a diverter valve. The heat-only boiler’s functionality is quite basic. It heats your central heating system and lets hot water be stored for later.

This article will provide a detailed overview of the various types of boilers.
If you don’t have the correct type of boiler, it could be harder to obtain boiler cover. Older boiler models may not be possible for some boiler technicians.

Customer service can assist you in identifying your boiler and other heating elements. A data badge, which will give you a G.C. A make/model and the number. It is easier to cover a boiler if you are familiar with it.

Who does HomeCare Boiler Cover Benefit?

Boiler cover does not have to be mandatory for all. If you have the necessary Gas Safe qualifications and are proficient in boiler repair, then you can opt out of boiler cover.

Maybe your neighbor is a gas engineer. You can save money on boiler cover if you have friends or neighbors who work in the same industry. Tenants do not usually have to pay for boiler cover or repairs. It is the landlord’s responsibility.

Consider how old your boiler may be. If the original installer registered your boiler, it will be covered by a warranty.

The warranty on your boiler will be valid for at least 2 years from the date of purchase. You can even extend it to ten years. Certain models are now covered by 12 year warranties from some manufacturers.

If you purchase a boiler, however, this warranty will not be required. This warranty is valid for the manufacturer and the agent appointed. It may take longer to fix your boiler than if you have a care plan. The article goes into greater detail.

Will I get a British Gas engineer?

Boiler cover is a great idea for those who aren’t qualified or don’t possess the necessary skills to install a boiler. If your boiler warranty is about to expire, you should consider purchasing boiler cover.

While a plumber can clear the pipes from a boiler, most plumbers do not have the necessary training to fix boilers. A heating engineer, such as the ones at British Gas HomeCare, will be needed.

Cover Options Other Than British Gas HomeCare Boiler Cover

If you don’t want to use British Gas services, here are some alternatives.
Small-chains like Homeserver boiler cover or local heating companies: You may find a number of boiler maintenance and installation services in your area that could be of help beyond British Gas.

They don’t typically offer boiler cover, but it is possible to contact them if your boiler has broken down. Check out or British Gas vs Homeserve boiler cover page for more comparisons.

Local businesses might be able provide quicker service since engineers are less likely than to travel. They may also be less expensive than monthly cover. Local businesses can be more profitable for the economy. Because you will likely have the same engineer every time, local businesses can offer a personal service.

  • Most insurance companies do not offer boiler cover.
  • Repairs that cost less
  • Same-day service
  • Overall, it’s better for your pocket
  • Better customer service